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Class 10: How To Love!


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Part 8: Jesus' parable on forgiveness

(This is part 8 of 10 parts in this class)


Jesus' parables have a powerful way of setting us straight on things. The magnificence of God's forgiveness is brought into sharp focus by the parable of the creditor and the two debtors. You can read this parable in Luke 7:41- 42.

The two debtors both had debts with the same creditor and - when neither were found able to pay up and settle the debt - we hear the creditor "frankly forgave them both." What can we assume the creditor did for the debtors? We can take it he let the debt drop, putting it forever behind him.


This is how God, the creditor, is with us, the debtors. He has erased our debts - accrued through our misconduct - from His accounting books! This is the wonderful love of God!

Since this is the way God has forgiven us then this is the way we are to forgive others. In the love of God we are to forgive erasing it from any account book we may have been holding.