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Class 11: Father and Son


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Part 3: Knowing God

(This is part 3 of 10 parts in this class)


The only way you can truly come to know anyone is through close fellowship with them. This is no less true with God. How can you truly know God outside of intimate communion with Him? How can you know God if you don't feel you can get close to Him? This is why your knowing God will always be in direct proportion to your consciousness of sonship!

Consciousness of sonship is what every believer needs so that he may know God. Where does consciousness of sonship come from? How does it begin? It begins when you are born again and it grows as you receive revelation that you are a new creation!


Your consciousness of sonship will always grow as consciousness of being a new creation grows. Indeed it is possible for you to live constantly in a consciousness of sonship because God in Jesus has provided you with everything that is necessary for this consciousness to be always yours!