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Class 6: Set Free!


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Part 6: Accept your liberty

(This is part 6 of 10 parts in this class)


The price of redemption is paid for all. Nevertheless, each of us must receive it individually. Each of us must accept Jesus as our personal Saviour and Redeemer accepting that He died and rose again for each one of us personally.

It is by faith that we enter into redemption. It is by faith that we come to know the peace He made for us by the blood of His cross. You and I in faith must plead the blood over our lives. We must accept the peace it has made for us and know freedom from all the distresses that would otherwise be experienced as a consequence of sin.


The sad thing is that so many Christians - even though they have been born again - still live as if they have not been redeemed.

Why is this? It's simply because they don't know the marvellous truth of their redemption and so that truth can't set them free. They are unaware of the redeeming power of the blood; what the blood redeems them from and what it has redeemed them to. In ignorance they continue to live in what they have been redeemed from and never come to enjoy what they have been redeemed to.


The redemption that is in Christ Jesus is part of our Christian inheritance. You can't enjoy, though, an inheritance you are ignorant of. On the other hand, the moment you know what you have been redeemed from you can begin entering into all that is yours in this life through redemption. This is what every Christian needs to know and needs to do!