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Class 14: Name Above All Names!


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Part 3: Marriage name

(This is part 3 of 8 parts in this class)


We ask and receive in the name of Jesus because we are indissolubly linked to Him; we have a life-union with Him. Jesus came to the world to find His bride. The church responded by calling Him Lord. Each one who has come to Jesus to receive Him has responded by calling Him Lord. This is how Sarah, the wife of Abraham, in her condition of obedience responded to her husband - she called him lord. 1 Peter 3:6.

We have entered a life-union with Jesus - a marriage that God the Father has blessed. Jesus came to us offering a union of love with Him and we responded by accepting a life-union with Him. As a result, we have given up living in our own name to live in His name.


The Bible declares,

He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

1 Corinthians 6:17 - NKJV


You have been joined to the Lord. Jesus chose you and you responded by calling Him Lord. In some way, you experienced His deep love for you and you responded to it. You may not have fully realised at the time what you were getting into - what man or woman does at their marriage - but you committed yourself to a spiritual life-union with Him.

Now every time you use the name of Jesus you are expressing your relationship to Him. When you pray in the name of Jesus you are declaring who He is to you and you are proclaiming what He has done for you. When you pray in the name of Jesus you are announcing that He lives as the head of His body, His church, of which you are a part.


We are married to Jesus. As His bride He counts on us to care for His interests in the Earth. As His bride He has given us His name and with His name - in His name - we both petition in Heaven and require on Earth.

At the same time Jesus is expecting us not only to petition in His name but also to live and act in His name. In living and acting in His name we are living and acting in His character. In this way when we ask in His name our request is always acknowledged and our petition is always granted. (Colossians 3:17.)

One group of people - the sons of Sceva - attempted to use the name of Jesus outside of a relationship with Him. They tried to use His name as if it were an incantation of some sort. Their use of His name was fraudulent and as a result they got beat up!

The name of Jesus is not an incantation to a believer. A believer utters the name of Jesus to declare his relationship to Jesus. The name of Jesus has authority for the believer because the believer calls Jesus, "My Lord".