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Class 15: Word power


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Part 1: How praying works

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Jesus taught us how to pray so that we may have the things we ask for. He said,

Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

Mark 11:24 - NKJV


You have to believe you receive when you pray. This is the condition that has to be met if you are to have what you ask for. This is the principle behind prayer that gets an answer. You must have faith you receive when you pray.

Faith, for many people, is a mysterious thing but the Bible gives us a plain definition of it. In Hebrews we are told,

Faith is...the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1 - KJV


Faith is your evidence. After prayer, it is the evidence you have that you have received what you asked for. The thing you asked for may be out of sight to your senses but it is seen by your faith. How can you have this faith? God has already given you a measure of faith. You must take this measure of faith and with it hear God's Word. (Ro.12:3.)

Before you pray and ask for something, first hear with your measure of faith God's promises about it. In this way, you will receive the faith to believe you receive when you pray. (Ro.10:17.) Now you are ready to pray and ask in the name of Jesus for what you desire. The moment you pray faith will be your evidence that you have received.


There is to be a having in the realm of your senses but, at the completion of prayer, you may not have it yet in that realm. The transfer from the realm of faith to the realm of your senses is yet to come. How will this transfer happen? It will happen as you continue by faith and in faith.

You have prayed in faith and have received by faith. Now you will have to walk in faith and talk in faith to the place where a transfer can be made out of the faith realm into the physical sense realm.