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Class 18: The Whole Armour of God!


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Part 11: The accuser of the saints

(This is part 11 of 19 parts in this class)


The devil is the accuser of the saints. (Rev.12:10) He accuses but the breastplate of righteousness repels that attack by declaring that your righteousness comes from God.


The breastplate of righteousness is a spiritually visible declaration that your right standing with God is by faith. It declares that righteousness is given you not because of your own works but because of the justifying work of Jesus. It declares you are living in the righteousness which is by faith in Jesus Christ! (See Romans 3:21-26)

Do you want to have the breastplate of righteousness on? Do you want to safeguard the continuity of your relationship with God? I'm sure you do so here's what to do - get very familiar, get very acquainted, with God's gift of righteousness. There are a number of passages of scripture you can meditate on and this will begin to happen. My own favourite passage is Philippians 3:3-9.


We live in a zone of confrontation with the accuser. Get your breastplate on! Walk in God's gift of righteousness and the breastplate of righteousness will always be yours.