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Class 18: The Whole Armour of God!


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Part 13: A lesson in a dream

(This is part 13 of 19 parts in this class)


I was given a dream when I was a very young Christian that pulled me up when I was down because of stinging words.

In the dream I was shut up in a lion's den - something like Daniel, only I was not alone. I was seated with other Christians on a raised platform at one end of the den. One after another lions were leaping at me but each lion fell to the ground as I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. In spite of this, I was in an awful state because I was getting beat up by the other Christians!

The moment I woke up I prayed, "Lord, what does this mean?" He answered, "You're doing great at dealing with evil spirits but you're letting every thoughtless, critical word other Christians say get through to you and hurt you!" I'll never forget that lesson - it taught me the importance of my shield of faith.


If you have your shield of faith up you don't have to be hurt by words from any source or anyone! Your shield of faith can stop every fiery dart from getting through to you.Faith forms a shield that is able to put out the fire and thrust of hellish darts or arrows! As faith comes into your life - and it does as you hear the Word of God - it creates a barrier between you and the fiery darts of the wicked one.