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Class 8: Prayer that Prevails!


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Part 9: Spirit-filled believer

(This is part 9 of 9 parts in this class)


You can receive the complete baptism with the Holy Spirit and have a Heavenly prayer language (a tongue) available to you now by praying this simple prayer:

"Father in the name of Jesus, I ask you now to fill me with your Holy Spirit. As a believer I fully expect and ask now that I speak with other tongues. According to Your Word cause the signs that accompany believers (Mark 16:17) to accompany me. Amen."


Once you have sincerely prayed that prayer you will be a Spirit-filled believer with the gift of tongues available to you. It is a very precious gift. Welcome it eagerly! Open your mouth wide to speak! Yield your tongue to the utterances that come upon it! Luke 11:9-13; Psalm 81:10.

You can now pray effective fervent prayer that avails much. Pray in the Spirit by praying in tongues liberally. Now, having poured out your heart to satisfaction, pray with your understanding by the Spirit's leading.